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uniPhone application

Guaranteed Privacy of Your Communications

Features of uniPhone

Instruments that we use to highly secure your communication

Secure communications today

Install the uniPhone app on your device and you will be able to experience the ease of use and the pleasure from having your conversations totally secured from unauthorized listeners. Choose the platform and click on Install.

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Here is the new and unique uniPhone service. uniPhone challenges the leaks of important users' information and unauthorized accesses to your private data. With our app, your secrets will never go anywhere outside the phone conversation. uniPhone is an unprecedented solution for two-layer encryption of phone conversations, which is totally secured from inner and outer interception. All you need to do is to install the app on your device and all your communication is completely safe.

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Тарифные планы и условия

Мы подготовили для Вас разноплановые тарифы под любой бюджет и потребности.



  • 1 месяц исходящих звонков
  • 2 месяца входящих звонков
  • Месяц текстовых сообщений
  • Работа в сети Wi-Fi



  • Неограниченные звонки
  • Текстовые сообщения
  • Передача файлов
  • Работа в сети Wi-Fi



  • 20 абонентов
  • Выделенный веб сервер
  • Доступ к админпанели
  • Услуги пакета PRO



  • 50 абонентов
  • Выделенный сервер
  • Обучение персонала
  • Доступ к админпанели
  • Услуги пакета PRO